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3 Challenges of moving a large workforce.

The age old question – where do you stay when there is nowhere to stay? A new project is always exciting, though the excitement can start to wane when you realise you now need to figure out housing options for a large workforce in the middle of a small town with limited resources.

The challenges aren’t just limited to small towns, even moving your workforce to big cities will come with its own set of challenges. Here at AQORA we understand those challenges and not only are we here to help you get through them, we thought we’d put together a blog to help you understand the biggest challenges faced when moving a large workforce.30

The Right Accommodation.

It can be difficult, if not sometimes impossible to find enough beds for your large workforce. Small towns and villages don’t usually have the abundance of hotels and b&bs like larger cities would. Even finding accommodation in larger cities causes its own problems – how can you make sure all of your employees are located in one place?

The length of your relocation period will have an impact on your type of housing. Hotels are okay for a short term plan, but when you’re looking at months or maybe even years – the right housing option gets a little tricker.

There are many housing options to choose from these days, from shared housing to serviced accommodation, hotels and B&Bs. You need to make sure you get the best options to suit your team.

Things like laundry and dining need to be taken into consideration – if it’s only a few weeks, you can probably accept the business expenses of eating out everyday for a few people. But feeding a workforce of over 50 for 6 months? It will get expensive so a place with a kitchen and laundry facilities is essential.

Make sure you’re aware of all of the details and requirements before you start looking for the accommodation to make sure you’re looking for the right one.

Impact on Local Resources.

Moving a large workforce into a small town can have a huge impact on the local resources such as hospitals, dentists and transport links. Small areas only have amenities built to serve the small population, so a huge increase in demand can have a knock on effect on hospital waiting times for example so it is important to take this into consideration when looking to relocate your workforce.

If you’re looking for a bespoke accommodation option, remember to think about including things like laundry facilities, on-site parking and even a small shop or Doctor on-site could help reduce the impact your arrival will have on your new city/town.

The Finer Details.

There is a lot more than finding the accommodation and picking the dates – there is so much paperwork that needs to be completed, so many things need to be sorted, ticked off and finalised before you can start moving your colleagues to their new temporary accommodation.

Travel Itineraries, when and how are you going to get your team from A to B? Do they need VISAs? Is all of the necessary documentation completed, signed and submitted? Do you have the right equipment to allow your team safe travel?

The best way to make sure you have taken all of the necessary steps and to reduce the stress and complications of relocating a large workforce is to use a checklist, ask for support and do your research.

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